SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANEL is a lightweight, fire resistant composite construction panel. It is the latest technology in the building construction industry. The SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANEL consists of a low density core, containing a mixture of Portland Cement, Polystyrene beads, water and fire-retard ant compounds. The mixture is then sandwiched between 2 layers of Fibre Cement Sheeting. The resulting panels are lightweight, durable, adaptable and extremely strong.

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SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANELS offer speed of construction, cost savings in both material and manpower requirements, functionality and adaptability in design, along with outstanding engineering characteristics.


SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANELS will accept almost any finish – from water-based and enamel paints, through to polymers, and cement render coatings. They can be painted with a standard 3-coat system for a smooth internal look, or have a hi-build polymer texture applied for an extra rough Tuscan feel. The panels also readily accept external stone and other architectural finishes.

SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANELS have been utilized as a building component for every type of structure, from home renovations to multi-storey high-rise developments, sheds to factory and warehousing developments. Its ease of construction make Safe Energy an excellent choice for mining and remote projects, as it requires far less technical ability to erect structures.

Our experience has shown us that the SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANEL is a versatile and adaptable product of choice for many builders/developers in Australia and Worldwide. Because of its flexibility SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANELS are paving the way and revolutionizing the building industry as it stands.



SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANELS have undergone extensive industry testing in several countries prior to construction permits being granted. These tests included:


Compressive Strength tests were performed in both Lateral (L) and Axial (A) directions. The 50mm panel has achieved (L)20.68 and (A) 38.6, whilst the 75mm panel achieved (L)51.43


SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANEL System has a flammability index of 0.00, making it excellent for non load-bearing fire partitions. It exceeds the requirements for non load-bearing fire partitions to AS1530.4, with the 50mm and 75mm panels achieving -60/60 and -120/120 respectively. and (A) 62.79.


SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANELS have been tested for Sound Transmission using AS / NZS 1276:1:1999 and ISO 140-4 and achieved the results: 50mm – STC 32, 75mm – STC 36. This means that it far exceeds the sound absorbent requirements for hospitals, schools and other “quiet structures”.


SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANELS’ insulation qualities have been proven over the last 20 years in diverse climates, such as the varied conditions of the Chilean coast, the winters of the Australian snowfields, and the deserts of Western Australia.


SAFE ENERGY-STYROCON PANELS have excellent durability characteristics. The panels are immune to permanent water damage, will not burn or rotor corrode, are resistant to steam and pollution, and are totally unaffected by UV radiation.

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